Waterford House, Cape Town, South Africa

The CS TimeClock Sales and Support Team

CapeSoft is an independent software development house located in Cape Town, South Africa.

We have been building Time and Attendance Software and Hardware since 1991.  Our initial time and attendance development was completed for the work environment in the early nineties and we produced the first version of our Windows based Time and Attendance system in 1998.

Since then we have grown to be the market leader in time and attendance hardware and software in countries all over the world. Our formal distributor representation extends from South Africa to the United Kingdom and Australia, with our products installed in over 4,000 sites world-wide.

We strive to continuously update and maintain our time and attendance products with new features. This keeps our products contemporary and thus always meets our customers' changing time and attendance requirements.

We research cutting edge technologies with a view of implementing these in our time and attendance system.  These features are implemented when the technology has matured, proven reliable and cost effective. Staying on the cutting edge of changing technology ensures that our customers have entered into a future proof relationship with our products.