Time Clocks

Clocks are available for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 50+ employees.

Export to Excel via USB or manage your time and attendance from the web interface.

TNA Software

Add more features to the plethora available on the clock e.g. Shift Rostering and Exception Reports

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Future Proof Clocks

You can start off with a single clock with no software and expand the system by adding more clocks and/or software as your business grows in size and/or complexity.

Simple Features Comparison

Features On the Clock In the Web Interface TNA Software
Clock Configuration Y YN
Change the Clock Time and Date YY Y
Backup & Restore Clock Database Y YN
Add & Terminate Employees Y YY
Remove Employees N YY
Assign Cards and/or PINs Y YY
Add Payroll / Access Clockings YY Y
View Employee TNA and Access Status Y YY
Change Employee Level Y YY
Capture Leave Records N YY
Export Daily Hours to Excel Y YY
Export Payroll Hours to Excel Y YY
Export to Payroll Software N Y Y
Access Control Configuration N Y Only available in advanced versions of TNA 5
Job Costing Only available in advanced versions of TNA 5
Change Employees, Clockings, Hours and LeaveN YY
Available Time Categories 1 925
Public Holidays N YY
Available Leave Types Y Unlimited Unlimited
Overtime Balancing N On Daily and / or Payroll Hours On Daily and / or Payroll Hours
Rounding of clockings N YY
Shift Configuration N 7 day employee schedules Advanced shift configuration
Shift Rostering N N Daily and/or Payroll
Exception Reports N Absenteeism Early Departure, Late Arrival, Absenteeism, Missed Clockings, etc.