The Web Interface

CS TimeClock Web Interface

Test drive the web interface.
Login=9970 and the Password=password.

The CS TimeClock web interface allows you to manage your clock and your employees' time and attendance.

Setup the clock to calculate an employee's total time between the first IN and the last OUT, or setup employee schedules and calculate overtime and flexi time.

Manage your employee absenteeism by capturing leave.  You can even capture partial leave days.

The access control settings allows you to setup global settings and override these settings for specific employees.

All you require is a web browser and a network connection to the clock.

Record employee leave

You can capture partial leave days and add as many leave types as you like.

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Nine time categories

Setup employee schedules to calculate overtime, leave, holiday and flexi time.

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Export information to Excel

Easily export information to a CSV file to manipulate in a spreadsheet.

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